Sunday, March 15, 2015

.family sunday.

This has been one of the most emotion-filled, action-packed weeks of our lives that has been filled with life-changing news.

B - You got your wings, Braum. I am so proud of you. The 32,789th US Naval Aviator in history.

J - This has been a hard week for you and your brother. A lot has been expected of you; a lot of ceremonies to sit through and a lot schedule disruption. You always maintained a smile and were polite to everyone you met.

W - You love a good party, and that was so apparent this week. You are also an extreme night owl, so you loved the late nights. Although this week has been extreme and hard, you have never wavered from who you are.

A - You are the biggest ham, ever, girl. And the prettiest. I had such fun watching you pose for the photographer this week. You are so friendly and sweet to everyone you meet; it is just so cute.



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