Friday, February 6, 2015

.family photos.

I am a big fan of Pinterest. I think it is an amazing resource when used correctly.
As someone who's dietary restrictions change on almost a weekly basis, I love being able to search for pretty much any recipe I could want. The resources available at our fingertips are almost impossible to quantify.
Like anything in life, though, it can be abused and used improperly. Aside from the questionable ethical and moral content of quite a few pins, Pinteredt had the tendency to cultivate feelings of jealousy. It is SO easy to look at that "Pinterest-worthy" living room, or that perfect outfit that only looks good in size 0 and costs $5000. I know, I've done it.
The big one for me is the family photos. You know, where the family is perfectly posed, with the perfect background light, the perfect backdrop, the coordinating clothes, and the smiling faces. Yeah, the smiling faces is the big one for me. How do you get your toddlers to sit? Let alone smile on command?
Don't get me wrong, my kids laugh and smile all the time. As I'm writing, their giggles are echoing through the house. But they are running around - not sitting in a super-cute field of flowers.
Every once in a while (and by that I mean at least once a month), I think to myself, maybe this is the week! This might be the week where they will sit together and smile for just one shot. We'll finally be one of those families. It usually ends up in tears from the kids and groans from my husband.
Oh yeah, the last time this happened? Last night. Yep, that was me out in the freezing cold (okay, it was in the 50s) trying to get just one good picture. Even one okay picture would have been good.
But the truth is, my family isn't a "posey" family. The best photos I have of them are "action" photos. They'll probably never go viral as the cutest family pose of all time. In fact, I know they won't. But they'll be my family. When I look back, I'll see who my kids were at that moment in time.
I know, though, that I'll still keep trying to get that perfect photo. But I am going to work more on accepting my kiddos for the action heroes that they are.


  1. I TOTALLY relate! I have even blogged about it myself. Have you read Lisa Jo Baker's Surprised By Motherhood? She is such an amazing, successful, articulate woman, but her story of their family photo made me feel so much better about my own! Thanks for talking about this.

  2. We don't do family photos very well, either! Part of it's me--I'm too picky and obsessed over what I look like. My favorite family photo was one I took for our Christmas card the year after Pedro's recovery from cancer. I set the camera on the counter, had the girls stand in front, and Pedro and I stood behind them--kissing each other. The timer on the camera caught the most priceless looks of disgust from our then pre-teen girls. It's my most favorite photo ever. Hands down. I doubt anyone would re-pin it on Pinterest, though!

  3. I haven't shared MY family photos on Pinterest; but I have shared them within my posts...we don't pose well either because the grandkids LOVE the silly poses best! Then there are the "cheese" (or cheesy) ones! We did take some family photos Thanksgiving week because ALL 3 of my adult children, their spouses and ALL 6 of the grandchildren were together; and thankfully we had an "extra" friend that came along as photographer. They turned out pretty good considering we had 6 "kids" from ages 4 months to 17 years old!!

    Thanks for sharing! By the way - I LOVE the photos of your son!!!

  4. Those pics of your son are fantastic.. they capture his personality and cute grin. I agree about pinterest.. it can be good and bad.

  5. Your pictures are wonderful! I do wish I had known how to take better pictures when my older kids were little. I was so often taking them in a dark house with a cluttered background so I am very glad for sites like Write You On My Heart and Under The Sycamore which give some explanation of how to take pictures.

  6. Thanks for sharing! Your family photos are always the ones that inspire me to try to get better shots. (They are the ones I see on FB & can't help but admire the quality!)