Sunday, February 1, 2015

.go seahawks.

Yeah, I know...I KNOW...but I'm back, for realsies.

I am...not...the most athletic person. I don't like to play sports, watch sports, go to games, or talk about sports.

And then came the Seahawks. Now, I would have told you ten years ago I was a Seahawks fan, and I would have told you twenty years ago I was a Seahawks fan. I'm from Seattle. The Pacific Northwest is my home.

And back home, being a 12 is a huge part of the culture...especially over the past couple years.

As I have been working on me and being me, I have discovered that I am a huge Seahawks fan and a passionate 12.

Outside of the Northwest, the Seahawks aren't a very popular team. Walking around with my jersey on makes me stand out. It makes me...unique. It represents a piece of home. It allows me to share who I am and where I'm from, and feel like I have a connection with everyone else back home. And it's just so darn fun.

Go Seahawks!!!


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