Wednesday, February 11, 2015

.crazy life.

And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times
It's you, it's you, You make me sing
You're every line, you're every word, you're everything....
Whatever comes our way, ah we'll see it through...
Everything, Michael Buble

Life is crazy.
Well, it feels like it's crazy, anyways.
I get caught up in the day-to-day: the laundry, making dinner, changing diapers, all those little things that are part of running a household. But all of those little things, all of those crazy moments, they are quickly adding up. Most of my time is spent doing those little things; and doing them with my husband is one of my greatest joys.
I love you, Sweetheart. Happy birthday!
I am so glad I get this crazy life to spend with you.
I am so grateful to be able to look towards the future with excitement.
Thank you for being my witness.
[I]n a marriage, you're promising to care about everything. The good things, the bad things, the terrible things, the mundane things... all of it, all of the time, every day. You're saying 'Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it. Your life will not go un-witnessed because I will be your witness'.
Shall We Dance

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