Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Leaving the house with my kids means unsolicited advice from strangers. Every. Single. Time.

Sometimes it's good advice, even great advice: like the elderly gentleman who told me about having your sick kiddos blow up balloons to help drain their ears.

Sometimes it's unnecessary advice: like the lady who screamed across Target to let me know my son was about to stick the closed bottle of hand sanitizer in his mouth. Um, he's almost 3, if it tastes bad, he'll take it out. And the lid is closed! If not, well, that makes up for putting his mouth on the cart ten minutes ago.

But the piece of advice I get the most often, and at least once every out-of-the-home experience is: don't blink. It goes by too fast.

I usually smile and nod. And pray that time goes by fast through this meltdown. Pray that time fast forwards to me not having to change fifteen diapers a day.

But in my heart, I believe them. I know my babies are growing up fast. I know that if I blink they'll all be in school and these moments will be gone. There are moments that are hard, but there are so many more moments that are too sweet.

Over my blogging break, I had to let go of my wonderful work-from-home job so I could spend the most time possible with my kids. This is my first week in a long time of no other obligations but them. I know they won't always want me around every single minute of the day, so for now, I will be.



  1. What a sweet baby you have to spend time with now! Pregnant women and women with small children do end up as advice magnets (as do people with cancer--I wrote about that last week :) ). I wasted a few years looking forward to the next thing instead of cherishing the time I had. I learned my lesson and changed my ways before it was too late and I've never regretted it.

  2. You are wise to understand this and another word of advice is raise them well so you can enjoy them as adults. All the hard work pays off!

  3. I love this so much!! As a mom with three kids (all boys I might add) for some reason I get the unsolicited advice too. I'm amazed at the things others will say - especially those out there WITHOUT kids! I needed this tonight! Thank you!

  4. Oh, I understand from a lived-it perspective every single word here. My boys are 6, 4, and 2, and I thought those butt wiping, milk machine days would never pass, and now in so many ways they have. And I'm grateful, but I know I took too many moments for granted. Savoring each moment is one of the best gifts we can give to ourselves, and is also, I believe, an act of worship to God, an outpouring of thanksgiving for these will-be fleeting moments with our precious gifts. Enjoy sweet, mama! #inthethickofit #beautifulmessgifts

  5. My kids are adults now (youngest is 37) so these days are long gone but I remember them well and for the most part enjoyed every second. My three are now adults that I actually enjoy being around so maybe I did something right!!! Great post and beautiful little girl.