Monday, November 10, 2014

.thanksgiving recipes: popcorn.

Okay, okay, I know popcorn really isn't part of Thanksgiving. But it's so tasty! I'm actually thinking I might make popcorn earlier in the day as a snack when friends are over early to help cook the dinner.

Popcorn is easy, it's fun, and almost everyone loves it. I use a Whirley-Pop to keep it allergen free.

Without butter, popcorn can be a little disappointing. So I recently tried something new: cinnamon sugar. Yum!


I do like to make my cinnamon sugar unique, so this time I added a sprinkle of ground cloves as well. It is subtle, but adds an extra bit of flavor that is just wonderful!

I just drizzled a teensy bit of oil on it to make the sugar stick and sprinkled away!

What do you like on top of your popcorn?



  1. Oooh, yummy!!! I love sugar on my popcorn. I had never had it like that until I spent a semester abroad in London, UK. I went to a movie with a fellow student one night and went to get popcorn. When I ordered popcorn, the young man behind the counter asked, "Sweet, salty, or both?" I took a gamble and got the sweet and it rocked my world. I love regular salty, buttery popcorn too, but the sweet kind is my favourite. The closest I can find here in the US is kettle corn. Now I'm going to have to try adding cinnamon to mine! :) Thanks for the great idea!

  2. That looks delicious! I love cinnamon sugar popcorn, and as sad as it is to admit, I am also a huge fan of caramel popcorn... Definitely not something to make every day, though.

    Anastasia Rose

  3. Looks great! I have several "favourite" popcorn toppings....I love salt and black pepper (with a little butter or olive oil), curry powder or garam masala, and I never get tired of caramel corn. I think having popcorn available to snack on while everyone is preparing Thanksgiving dinner is a fantastic idea!

  4. I love popcorn! It's such a great snack. I think I will have to try your cinnamon sugar on some next time. That sounds yummy!

  5. This is such a great idea! I usually do savory popcorn, but this is such a great treat. Thanks!

  6. I have never had cinnamon on my popcorn. As I adore cinnamon, I am going to HAVE to try this,

    My fave way to eat popcorn is as caramel corn. When my kiddos were in high school we lived in CO. The first snow day of every month was declared a holiday (we homeschooled). We played games, read, and made caramel popcorn balls. Such happy memories.