Sunday, November 2, 2014

.allergy-free meals.

I love good food as much as the next person. But good food doesn't always love me. A multitude of crippling symptoms have led me to a very strict diet.

Last month I spent mourning the loss of a LOT of my favorite foods. It was frustrating to know I couldn't eat anything I didn't prepare from scratch in my own home without running a very high risk of spending the next three or four days sick. And, truthfully, it is still frustrating. I'm hungry. But, I'm scared to eat a lot of the time. So my diet has become mostly scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and fruits and vegetables, because those foods are safe.
I am challenging myself this month to create a full Thanksgiving menu (from wakeup to leftovers the next day) that I can eat. And that is DELICIOUS. I want my guests to not even notice that they are eating allergen-free. I want the dishes in my dinner to be delicious enough to be included in anyone's Thanksgiving menu.
So that means no: gluten, dairy, soy, artificial sugars, artificial dyes, garlic, cabbage, pork, beef, chicken, safflower oil, and more.
None of that. Yikes. It's going to be a big challenge.
Are you struggling with dietary restrictions in your home? Please share what your specific challenges are and I can make sure to include recipes that YOU can eat. Because, Friend, I know it's hard.
Please, please know that I am sharing my emotions here. I am actively working with naturopathic doctors to get a specific and correct diagnosis on my chronic health issues.


  1. We don't have any allergens that we have to work around, however, my sister is lactose intolerant and I would love to pass any recipes on to her. She is hosting her first ever Thanksgiving with my parents, her in laws, and both sets of grandparents

  2. Wow! You are my inspiration. I'm trying to eat healthier but it can be do difficult.

  3. I am starting with no gluten in my nutrition journey - it has its challenges for sure - best of luck to you!

  4. Oh, am I praying for you. Just cleansing for 14 days last month was difficult. May all of your efforts pay off in feeling better, cleaner, lighter, and healthier.