Wednesday, October 22, 2014

.thirty-one days of minimalism: kids.

I think you just like to see pictures of my messy house, friends, so here is some more real life!
If you have the privilege of knowing my sons personally, you know they are...bonkers.
Their room often ends up like this:
So I approach their room with almost the same format as I approach any room, like my office, with a few changes.
My boys' room needs to be their refuge. It needs to be safe. So there is no furniture besides their beds. Nothing for them to pull over on themselves. Nothing for them to climb up.
So I keep their clothes in tubs in their closet. They're just little boys, so we don't have a lot of clothes for them. At this point in time, one tub is plenty for each kiddo.

I don't feel like I can go the plastic tub route with them, because they are so hard on things. Toy bins often become space ships, party hats, sailing ships, and a hundred other things.
So I love these soft baskets from Target.
They are ridiculously resilient, soft if you happen to run into the wall while wearing one over your head, and hold lots of toys.
As far as decor goes...well, we don't own this house, and we are probably going to be moving within the next six months, and then moving again six months after that. So decor needs to meet lots of criterion: easy to put up and take down, safe for kids, attractive, versatile...
Enter the wall hangings!
I love to make graphic cloth hangings (my husband flies helicopters, and my boys obviously think that is the coolest thing ever). And these fabric buntings are basic enough to fit a variety of different themes. It's works well for us!
And there you have it! Here are all the ways I tackle minimalism, organization, and toddlers!


  1. We are renting, and I love the wall hanging idea! I'm working on trying to be more in the minimalist mindset, so I'm glad I happened upon your post! Keep 'em coming!

    1. I'm so glad this post gave you some ideas! (For these wall hangings, to make it really easy, I used painter's drip canvases from Lowe's. Already hemmed, easy to wash, and a neutral color!)

  2. I'm also trying to be more minimalistic.

    1. We definitely don't have it all together over here, but we're trying, too! Thanks for stopping by!