Thursday, October 23, 2014

.thirty-one days of minimalism: forgotten.

I hope you are enjoying this series on minimalism as much as I am enjoying it! I already feel my home is getting cleaner and easier to manage and live in. Today I have a truth to share with you as you begin to go through your belongings and decide what can go and what can stay.

Minimalism truth: If you forgot about it, you probably don't need it.

As I go through my closets, especially the ones I don't use often, like the linen closet, I find things I forgot I had!
Has that ever happened to you?
Now, while the truth is that you probably don't need it since you have been living your day-to-day life without it, there are several different paths I take when I come across something I didn't know I had.

First: Is it something I've been looking for?

You know...when you put something in a "special" place and then promptly forgot where that special place was. If it's something you were looking for, hooray!

Second: Is it still in the original packaging? If it is, can I return it? Or maybe give it as a gift?

This one is all about being frugal...nicely. If the package is NEW, then it may be prudent to return the item, or to gift it to someone you think could use it.

 Third: Is it in tatters, and that's why it was shoved to the back of the closet?

This is maybe more applicable to clothes or linens more than anything else. Those clothes your kids ruined with a bottle of ketchup, or that ratty sheet you were saving just in case. Maybe it's just time to toss it in the garbage!

Fourth: Do you just not want it anymore?

 Sometimes I buy something thinking it will be awesome! And then, it's not. So I have been known to shove it in a closet for a few months. If you come across things like that, put them in that donation bag!
I hope this truth helps you as you start to implement minimalism in your own home and feel the weight of your possessions lightened!


  1. I have really been enjoying this series! I moved recently and so have spent a lot of time over the past couple months going through stuff while packing and unpacking trying to get rid of stuff. I love that your blog gives me a new criteria with which to judge the usefulness of items. The problem I run into most is sentimentality. A lot of the things I have are gifts that have been given to me, and they remind me of the special people Who gave them to me.

    1. I am SO glad that you have been enjoying it, Stephanie!! Moving is definitely a huge catalyst for going through things!! Sometimes, I just take a picture of the thing, and then keep the picture. :-)

  2. SUCH great tips. I love how you give ideas for how to sort through the stuff.
    You really need to turn these ideas into an ebook I think! :)

    1. Thank you SO much for the encouragement, Julie! I am definitely toying with the idea of an ebook!