Sunday, October 19, 2014

.family sunday.

B - Every week of flight school I watch you walk the balance between studying the amount required and being present in your family's life. Thank you for including us on your journey! We can't wait to see you winged.

J - This week I saw your imagination take off with building things. It amazes me! You only need to see something built once to be able to repeat it, and there have been spaceships, submarines, and more all around the house.

W - You are so sweet, baby warms my heart how you tell everyone you meet about your little sister. You are also comical, which is why immediately after introducing your sister, you pretend you are a dragon.

A - At four months old, I cannot believe how feminine you are, sweet girl. We are having so much fun together doing girl things. You are the perfect addition to our family, and none of us could imagine life without you.

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