Tuesday, September 23, 2014

.minimalism - part two.

Have you been working on minimalism in your home? Are you ready for another truth?
Minimalism truth: If your blessings become your burdens, then are no longer a blessing.
Kids' toys are a prime example of this. Our children are so beyond blessed to have so much. But if your time is spent constantly picking up toys just so you can walk across the floor without stepping on something, your blessings have become your burden.

My sons parked all their cars in my daughter's dresser when I was repainting it

A practical application of this is a secret of mine: every time I clean my boys' room, I get rid of something. Usually a board book that has had the binding snapped, or a shirt that lost a battle with some ketchup. And, you know what? My boys have never noticed. It may seem small, but one step at a time towards minimalism is how this works.
So, Friend, if you find something that began as a blessing becoming a constant source of frustration, let it go. Let it become someone else's blessing.

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