Saturday, September 20, 2014

.minimalism - part one.

A friend recently asked me for a few quick tips on simplifying clutter. After I'd written her an entire essay in response, I realized a series here might be nice. I'll be posting once a week on one of my favorite subjects: minimalist living.
Here's a minimalism truth: getting rid of the thing does not mean getting rid of the memory.
Did you catch that, Friend? Getting rid of something material does not diminish the immaterial.
Baby items are a big item for this truth. I love my children fiercely, and even though I am so excited to see them grow and change, remembering their sweet baby days is important to me. But I do not have a tub full of clothes; my children don't even have baby books. I kept the outfit each baby came home from the hospital in (that was about the only day they each fit into something sized newborn). And I have a small collection of cards and other mementos laminated (I'll be sharing about that in another post). But that is it for baby things.
And you know what, Friend? It is freeing! I can focus on enjoying and cherishing than trying to save all those little things. And I carry my memories with me, regardless of where we live or if a box gets lost in a move or if a natural disaster destroys my household goods.

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