Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Staying home with my children is the biggest blessing of my life. I love it! (And, quite frankly, never really liked working in an office, even in my degree field)

But...it can feel a little unproductive. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming: even though these chores are a blessing to my family, they have to be repeated often and it can be discouraging to not "do" anything else all day.

So I write lists.

My mama is a list-writer, so I know I come by this habit honestly.

Because the needs and energy levels of my family fluctuate daily, I like to write a list for the week instead of a daily to-do list.

I put chores (laundry, cleaning), hobbies (quilting, silk screening, photography), quick tasks (empty the dishwasher), and long tasks (clean out the hall closet, clean the bathroom).

It's a good way for me to feel productive and make a good use of my time instead of letting things that should be done in moderation use up large chunks of time (Facebook and Pinterest, I'm looking at you two!).

I also have a lot of race tracks and rockets added to my lists when I'm not looking. I love it!
I'm also thinking of adding things like "change 15 diapers in one day" or "get everyone dressed by 8:30 am" as a sort of bingo-like challenge for my week...just to keep things interesting.


Monday, July 7, 2014

.happy happy day.

To the little boy who first made me a mama...
You make me smile every day.
Happy third birthday, baby boy! I love you!