Friday, April 25, 2014

.a house into a home.

For the first six years of our marriage, my husband and I have rented apartments. They have always suited our needs, until now. 
We decided it was time for our growing family to have a house, and a yard. So we went hunting. 
And it was discouraging. And exhausting. 
Each house we looked at was too expensive, too small, too big, had a pool (a definite no-go with my boys!), or didn't have a fenced-in yard (which was at the top of the list of musts for us). 
So we narrowed it down to three. It was sort of Goldilocks and the Three Bears style. One big one, one small one, and one that seemed just right. 
We ended up with the small one. 
And we love it!!
I can't tell you how blessed we've been already by this little house...and we've only lived here three weeks. 
My kiddos don't have to be cajoled to eat their food anymore (a previously huge challenge with J) - instead they're starving all the time!
My blood pressure went down 10 points. It wasn't seriously high to begin with, but I was so surprised that it dropped so significantly!
And we've been having fun! 
From this:

Do you like my USMC camp stool? Bending over to pick up rocks at 8 mos. pregnant is not a pretty picture

 To this:

It's an orange tree!! (and we seeded the area around it)
My sweet husband has been working so hard on the yard. Me? I feel about as helpful as our 2 1/2 year old. 

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