Friday, January 3, 2014


Are your Christmas decorations put away yet? 
That's been my project this week. Putting things away well.
I like to put my Christmas things away so they'll be ready to move, anytime, anywhere. (Reality of being a military family.) Because the middle of packing for a cross-country move is not my preferred time to wrap Christmas ornaments in tissue paper.
This year, I am replacing my paper labels with fun chalkboard labels by Martha Stewart for Staples. I'm liking these "new" chalk pens that are available. They're very easy to work with and not so messy as conventional chalk.
It's so satisfying to be cleaning out my home to start a brand new year!

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  1. Ha! I do that too; habitually pack things so they're ready for an international move, even if I'm not going anywhere. (: