Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Anyone and everyone will share their parenting horror stories.
If you share you want to get pregnant, you get to hear horror stories about morning sickness.
Then once you are pregnant, you get to hear horrible labor and delivery stories (a bit guilty there!)
Then it's about sleepless nights with your newborn...
The terrible twos...
The horrible threes...
It goes on and on. 

Why do we do that? 
Obviously it can't be as bad as people say otherwise I think we probably wouldn't make it far population-wise.

I think it's because it is practically impossible to share the other part of being a parent.
The hug from your toddler after a tantrum is forgiven.
The good-morning smile.
The sweetness of "mama" and "dada" as first words.

Whenever I was sick or sad, I remember my parents rubbing my back in a special way.
Today my babies were sick (horror story for me!) and I got to rub their backs in that special way. 
It was one of the most draining days of being a parent, and probably one of the most rewarding. 

I think we share the hard parts because they're, well, hard!  Sometimes, we need backup.
I know having my kiddos sick has made me extremely homesick. I want my family. I don't like feeling alone. 
But it is so amazing to be wanted by little boys when they are sick. To have the power to make it better like no one else.

No matter what the stories people tell, at the end, it's worth it. It's worth everything. 

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