Tuesday, October 1, 2013

.handmade + time.

I love to give gifts that are handmade.
Besides being very personal, a handmade gift gives the one thing money cannot buy: Time.
A gift that took time to make is a gift that cannot be bought.
Plus, handmade is so fun.
Handmade is not always perfect. Or cost effective. 
But it is so satisfying. 

One of my sisters recently had a birthday, and I was stumped on what to get her.
Until I found French Press Mornings.

Have you visited Jenny at  French Press Mornings before? I love everything she designs! 
And her Encouraging Wednesdays are simply the best!

So, I printed out my favorite designs from here, laminated them (I adore my laminator), and made a clutch to hold them all out of linen. 

It was the perfect gift. 

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