Tuesday, September 3, 2013

.apples + friends.

School is back in session. Candy corn is at the grocery store. Yum. Apples are in season. Double yum. 
Summer is drawing to a close and fall is coming.
Here in Florida it's more of the spirit of fall than actual fall. No leaves changing and a hundred degrees outside doesn't make for very fall-ish weather. 
So we decided to make our own fall!
Nothing says fall to me more than caramel apples and candy corn.

My family and I recently hosted a very fun and easy fall party: caramel apple and popcorn party!
And as far as parties go, this one takes the cake for easy to prep and easy on the budget!

I set everything out and guests just helped themselves!
We provided apples, caramel, popcorn, candy corn, chocolate bits, and sea salt.
Our friends brought some of their favorite toppings (peanut butter cups and crushed Oreos!), pumpkin pie, and some hard cider for the grownups.
 I also had some seltzer water to temper the sugary treats. 

We also set out plates, bowls, squares of parchment paper, and cutting boards and knives (out of reach from smaller guests).
With everything set out, and sweet friends, it was one of my favorite parties yet. 
I can't wait to do it again!

(My big boy and I took some shameless selfies while waiting for everyone to come)



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