Wednesday, June 19, 2013

.finds + anchors.

Wow, dear friends, it has been a while. My dear husband has been working tirelessly in flight school and I have been very busy with my sweer boys. We flew to Washington state and have been having a blast (more to come later).

I would like to start a little series once a week where I share some of my favorite internet companies and how I use them. Please note that none of these companies are paying me to share, although some companies do provide a referral link that would be available to anyone. 

Are you just loving the chalkboard art that is super popular right now? I am! I love being able to do chalkboard art on my computer, too! Using some easy downloadable chalboard fonts and backgrounds, I made a print using a favorite bible verse.

I ordered it as a 5x7 plaque from a company new to me, York Photo. I could not be more pleased with how it turned out! The finish is glossy, so easy to wipe off little fingerprints! A fun way to use the chalkboard prints! I would highly recommend them and can't wait to order something else!

PS - if you are interested, this link will get you some free prints with York Photo


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