Saturday, June 1, 2013

.control + laughter.

I am a planner. Even if I have change the plan a dozen times, I still like to plan. 
Frankly, it is a control issue. My issue.

And I have been forced to learn the lesson of letting go of my plans over and over. Especially here. Especially being married to a Marine. 

The Marine Corps has a frustrating habit of turning my plans upside-down and switching things around at the absolute last-minute. It can easily become something for me to be bitter over. 

That is when I have to stop and go to my knees. I have no reason to fear my future, or let the Marine Corps' lack of planning rob me of joy in my life. My God is bigger than that. 

I still have a lot of learning before I am to the laughing point, though. 


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