Sunday, April 7, 2013

.my daddy + sewing.

The first Christmas after I was married, I received a very special gift: a sewing box. It is the same sewing box that my mother and grandmothers had - handmade by my daddy. 
I love it. I love that my daddy made it. I love that it connects me to the other women in my family. I love that it makes me feel so grown up. I love keeping a current project in there and pulling it out to work on. 

Do you have a sewing box? What do you keep in yours? I have several notions that I always keep in my box. 
a seam ripper - for those all-too-often mistakes
a marking pen - excellent for tracing embroidery patterns
a ruler - to be exact
needles - well, it is a sewing basket
lotion - just to feel girly
sewing scissors - Gingher, couldn't sew without them
thread scissors - also Gingher
a pincushion and pins - my Christmas present from my mama
a tape measure - my newest addition
isn't he cute? 

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  1. Your post brought tears. I actually have that sewing box as well, also made by your Daddy, my big brother. I keep a needlepoint project that I haven't finished in at least 5 years. It is the frog that Grandma made. (she finished hers). Surprisingly, I also have the snail tape measure. (Pottery barn after Christmas sale). I love the years of memories that come with family. Watching children grow up into their own people, but still recognizing the familiar of family in them. SEW glad you are a sewer! Love you, Aunt Juli