Thursday, April 25, 2013

.band-aids + boys.

This week my oldest boy had his first real "injury." Being himself, and a boy, he has had his fair share of knocks and bruises, but this was the first time he was really conscious of what was going on.

It's just a cut, no stitches or anything like that...antiseptic ointment and a band-aid (or two or three) were plenty. There were a few tears, until he realized he was bleeding, and then the tears stopped. He watched with interest and fascination at the little drops of blood as we cleaned and cared for his "owie." I think he was rather proud. Which worries me. I suppose this mama will have to get used to doing first aid. I'm a decent seamstress, do you think they frown on mamas doing stitches? (Just kidding about that last part; if the situation warranted it, we would seek medical attention immediately.)


  1. Hope he's ok and that this is not a pattern! :)

  2. Aww... poor little guy! But, boys will be boys! I'm sure you will have your fair share of little boy bumps and bruises in the coming times. Dustin seems to have a new "injury" appear daily! A kiss, a hug, and some love makes everything better each and every time, though! :) Glad he's okay! :)