Tuesday, February 26, 2013

.dessert + girlfriends.

Everyone loves dessert. It is a great unifier. If you have nothing else in common with someone, at least you both probably like dessert. I love dessert. Anything sugary is good for me! It doesn't even have to be chocolate. 
Moving to a new place is hard. And it is easy to feel alone. And overwhelmed. And stressed out all the time. And a million other bad feelings. So I decided to make some friends.
Facebook is a great tool to use to reach out to others. There area groups for pretty much any demographic you could think of. Including Marine Officer's Wives whose husbands are stationed in the greater Pensacola area. Who knew? Well, me, actually.
So last night we had the first meeting of the Monday Monthly Ladies Dessert Club. It was exactly what this gal needed. I feel refreshed and ready to serve my family.
If you feel overwhelmed, take a night off, eat lots of chocolate, talk about whatever strikes your fancy, and make connections. It's good for you!

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