Monday, October 20, 2014

.thirty-one days of minimalism: family.

What do you do if not everyone in your household is into minimalism?
If there are other people in your household, chances are you might run into a snag if all of a sudden you are getting rid of things left and right. In our home, we can't even agree which episode of Curious George to watch next, let alone how we should manage our possessions.
To be fair, the four month old, she doesn't really have an opinion. So that's one...only three more to go.
Always a plus to have this cutie on my team!
How to convince them?
Really, it comes down to having my husband on up my team. We are the adults, after all.
Here is what has worked in our home for getting everyone on board the minimalism wagon:
.explain why you want to be minimalist.
for me, it was simply: I'm overwhelmed
.provide concrete examples.
I broke down my day for my husband and showed him just how much time I spent picking things up
.set personal goals.
my husband decided he wanted a new iPhone, which wasn't in the budget. so he went through his things and put a ton up on eBay
.dont get frustrated.
a flamboyant emotional display is not the best way to get what you want, even for toddlers
.lead by example.
once I started cleaning out my own things, my husband noticed how nice it was

That's what worked for me! My husband is pretty easy going about this sort of thing, but it's a lot more fun now that he is excited about it, too!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

.thirty one days of minimalism: friendship.

Baby A had her first visit to the quilt shop! Look for projects on the blog soon!
Weekends are my break. Time with my little family and time to have fun.
This weekend was filled with friends, laughter, fun, and maybe the occasional meltdown.
Tomorrow is back on the minimalism bandwagon, but today is for laughter and memories. Which is my personal goal for minimalism in my home to begin with.

.family sunday.

B - Every week of flight school I watch you walk the balance between studying the amount required and being present in your family's life. Thank you for including us on your journey! We can't wait to see you winged.

J - This week I saw your imagination take off with building things. It amazes me! You only need to see something built once to be able to repeat it, and there have been spaceships, submarines, and more all around the house.

W - You are so sweet, baby warms my heart how you tell everyone you meet about your little sister. You are also comical, which is why immediately after introducing your sister, you pretend you are a dragon.

A - At four months old, I cannot believe how feminine you are, sweet girl. We are having so much fun together doing girl things. You are the perfect addition to our family, and none of us could imagine life without you.

Friday, October 17, 2014

.thirty-one days of minimalism: less.

Enough is as good as a feast.
Mary Poppins
It's been awhile since I focused on a minimalism truth.
Today's minimalism truth: More isn't better. It's just more.
This is a convicting truth for me, and a definite struggle. Once again, my chore this weekend is to reduce the volume of possessions we have in our home. It's just way too much. And I am exhausted trying to keep up.
having more DUPLO blocks seems to result in more spread around, not more playing
I think this is a hard truth for me because I struggle with contentment. That, yes, what I have is more than enough. I don't need the newest whatever; I only wear the same 2 pairs of jeans and 4 t-shirts, so more clothes really aren't necessary! My children have more toys than they know what to do with; and it goes on and on.
But, I am taking this truth to heart, and will really be working on it in the coming months.
W has fully embraced the less is more mantra for his daily dress
And no, he's not potty trained yet, he just wears underwear over his diaper