Monday, November 17, 2014

.thanksgiving recipe: bacon and pepita salad.

Salad is a "safe" food for me, so I eat it a lot. Not to mention it's delicious and good for you! And who doesn't love bacon, really?  
This salad is so satisfying for me; I often have it for dinner just by itself. And it's definitely on my Thanksgiving dinner menu!
Because many store-bought salad dressings contain soy, dairy, or food coloring, we have started just drizzling our salads with an oil and balsamic vinegar. If you haven't done this before, this is the perfect salad to try it!
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Sunday, November 16, 2014

.family sunday.


B - This week was the Marine Corps birthday and the seven-year anniversary of our engagement! I am so glad I said yes, Sweetheart.

J - You got to help me decorate the house this week; it was so fun to see you think about where to put things and see your joy at unwrapping decorations!

W - You have been working this week on what the different numbers look like; I am so proud of you and your love of learning!

A - Happy five-month birthday, baby girl! We are so grateful every day that you are a part of our family!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

.a spirit of thankfulness: service.

I thought it would be easy to write about Veteran's Day. I'm married to an active-duty Marine and almost all of our friends are also active-duty families. Many of our friends are combat-veterans who are still serving.

But I've written and rewritten this post a dozen times today.

It is not so simple after all to share how precious these men and women are.

It is not so simple to explain the unique camaraderie or the pride of seeing my husband in uniform every single day. It is not so easy to share how much these military families mean to me: how special it is to be able to share life with them.

It is not so simple to share the impact this life has on my children. My children don't know any other way of life but this military one. They think nothing of going through a security checkpoint to get on base, or of seeing someone in uniform.

It is not so simple to share with you the tears that have been cried: tears of sorrow at partings, and tears of joy at homecomings. Tears of frustration and loneliness, and tears at finding a friend.

It is not so simple to share how much this life means to me. But, today, it means everything.



Monday, November 10, 2014

.thanksgiving recipes: popcorn.

Okay, okay, I know popcorn really isn't part of Thanksgiving. But it's so tasty! I'm actually thinking I might make popcorn earlier in the day as a snack when friends are over early to help cook the dinner.

Popcorn is easy, it's fun, and almost everyone loves it. I use a Whirley-Pop to keep it allergen free.

Without butter, popcorn can be a little disappointing. So I recently tried something new: cinnamon sugar. Yum!


I do like to make my cinnamon sugar unique, so this time I added a sprinkle of ground cloves as well. It is subtle, but adds an extra bit of flavor that is just wonderful!

I just drizzled a teensy bit of oil on it to make the sugar stick and sprinkled away!

What do you like on top of your popcorn?


Sunday, November 9, 2014

.family sunday.

B - What a week, Love. So glad that we could have such a relaxing weekend together.

J - We took you to see Big Hero 6 this week; you were so into it I loved hearing your exclamations at the exciting parts!

W - You continue to develop such a wonderful sense of humor, sweet boy. I love that we can joke together!

A - You were sick this week, baby girl. Which meant lots of snuggles with Mama. Although I'm so sorry you were sick, it was sweet to know that I'm the one you want when you don't feel good.